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Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Blanchard Walker is proud to have two attorneys who have successfully completed mediation training to allow them to be able to mediate disputes in Louisiana and Texas.

Alternative Dispute Resolution describes methods used to settle disagreements or disputes without using a judge or magistrate. The most common methods are mediation and arbitration.

Mediation involves a “third party neutral,” the mediator, to work with the parties to help them settle their dispute. Mediation usually results from the voluntary action of the parties, but courts also may order parties to negotiate in good faith through mediation. Mediation only is binding if the parties reach a settlement voluntarily. Both John T. Cox, Jr., and M. Thomas Arceneaux are qualified mediators.

Arbitration involves submitting a case for decision by a third party neutral, in this case called the arbitrator, or a panel of arbitrators, actually to decide the case. The decision of the arbitrator is binding on the parties, and in most cases, it is not subject to any appeal. John T. Cox, Jr., is a qualified arbitrator.

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